New video of the SCG003 Testing at Vallelunga

The SCG003 is currently testing to prepare the car for the race. Here's hat Jim is saying: "We are very happy with our latest testing session. SCG 003C is really something. It’s a GT car that looks, feels and drives like a pretty LMP car. Its TTV6 makes huge torque from low revs and the reaction to our project continues to grow. It looks like we’ll be able to enter a lot of different races so our race car customers will have a wide choice around the world to enjoy their race version. Our road version is on track and the modular road/race construction is holding up very well and is very easy to service. As all tests do, these showed us that there are improvements that can be made and next week we set off to test for 5 days to continue our journey to the [Nurburgring] 24."