Workshop: Rethinking mobility for liveable cities

In cooperation with multidisciplinary design studio Yellow Window, Granstudio hosted an extensive workshop in Antwerp about the role of mobility in the liveable city of the future. Together with a diverse group of international experts in a variety of fields, we worked a full day on a deeper understanding of the topic and developed new insights for a 10 to 15 year time horizon. The workshop was followed by a conference held by international speakers on the same topic.

We are living in a very interesting period of rapid change, putting pressure on both business and the public sector. Many expect that disruptive innovations will transform the way we live, work and move around. Consumers, citizens and businesses seem ready to accept these changes and adapt their behaviours much faster than policy makers or the public sector can follow. Also cities evolve at a much slower rate than vehicles, fashion or technology. Use of space and infrastructure evolved historically, and takes a lot of endorsement and time to change or reshape. Decisions are taken with long-term effect and high costs, without fully considering the new opportunities.

It seems quite certain that a scenario for liveability of our cities through mobility will not be an extrapolation of the present, but a transformative scenario. Changes are occurring at the sides of offering as well as demanding parties, drastically altering the equation for a mobility solution. What should have happened a long time ago – looking at mobility in a holistic way – becomes now an urgent necessity.