Cowin Brand Strategy

For the emerging brand Cowin, granstudio developed a design strategy with clear outlines for product definition, platform strategy, and styling DNA.

granstudio then designed and built the i-CX as a first showcase of this strategy that combines mature styling with advanced, connected functionalities to meet the demands of a new mobile generation of customers.

Client comment (Source: China Daily): "Our aim is to be an innovative carmaker that deploys Internet technologies, and we will strive to make the favourite smart car that offers all connectivity to our young customers," said Zheng Zhaorui, general manager, Cowin Auto. "The car will become a mobile device instead of just a travel tool. With an eye on the future, Cowin will merge computing and Internet into the car, and provide a well-connected smart car to its customers. The company will explore a new approach". Cowin is building a research lab for connected smart cars and Zheng said the company will move forward firmly towards smart connectivity. "We are going to make the car that everybody wants. What we are doing is deeply understanding the demand," he said.
Car Design
Project kick-off: 
March 2014
Project delivered: 
August 2014
Project lead: