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Lowie Vermeersch curated Biennale Interieur 2012, a design event that attracted almost 90,000 visitors during its 10-day run. The non-profit organisation Interieur Foundation organises the annual events.

As curator Lowie opted to renew the Biennale, having it take place both at the fairground and in the city centre for the first time in its long history, thereby emphasising it as a cultural event that is at the forefront of new developments in interior design.

He approached the Biennale with the same focus on coherence and attention to detail that characterise all of granstudio's projects. It is therefore no coincidence that he was involved in all the aspects that defined this 23rd edition of the Biennale: the architectural plan, the exhibition design, the visual identity, and curating the many design projects that were developed especially for the Biennale.

All those elements revolved around the metaphor of the city, a temporary design district that for 10 days was a place to discover, feel, explore, and enjoy what design has to offer for our living environment.

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‘Interieur set a new standard for the design fair experience during its 23rd outing in Kortrijk this week, thanks to forward thinking from new curator Lowie Vermeersch.’  Wallpaper Magazine

‘Must say that @Interieur_be is the best-produced design fair I’ve seen. […]’  Marcus Fairs (Dezeen) on Twitter

‘…there’s a real sense of energy and excitement coursing through this year’s Biennale. This is due in no small part to Lowie Vermeersch, […] curator of this year’s Biennale.’  Betty Wood - Port Magazine

‘This Biennial is so exciting simply because they’ve got the mix just right.’  Thomas Wagner- Stylepark

Space Design
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August 2011
Project delivered: 
October 2012
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