Easywalker meets MINI

Very own first car for the youngest family member

Project of Reframing Studio, our sister office

The Easywalker June is a versatile pram for parents who like to explore the world with their children. "Learning by doing" is at the heart of the June. This attitude, and the fact that a folded June is one of the few prams that fit into the trunk of a MINI, led to a co-branding project between MINI and Easywalker.

How can we create a "very own first car" for the youngest member of the family?

Making use of the range of MINI-branded textile accessories and by executing details of the pram in reference to the MINI Cooper, the Easywalker becomes an extension of the car. With the MINI as the mothership, the pram is a small exploration vehicle for active families.

Mobility Design
Project kick-off: 
November 2013
Project delivered: 
November 2013
Product Design
Project lead: 
Reframing Studio
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