Iugo 'Driver Embedded' Pod

In collaboration with Accenture, Granstudio developed the 'Iugo'. As an evolution of the PubliPod research project, the Iugo creates a concrete solution for future urban and suburban mobility. Using the driverless technology to create the ultimate shared vehicle, this project focusses as much on improving our vehicles as our public space: through increased car sharing more space in our cities is freed up, while the vehicles itself are designed to blend within the public space rather than imposing themselves upon it.

Great care went also into the relation of the vehicle with the user. There is a clear amorphous feeling to the design with interactive 'eyes' that allows users not only to identify with the vehicle but also interact with it. We believe that it is extremely important that the presence of driverless vehicles within our environment leads to more human presence, not less.

Mobility Design
Project kick-off: 
April 2015
Project delivered: 
March 2016
Project lead: