What we do

As creative consultants we collaborate with organisations and individuals to design vehicles and mobility systems that are beautiful and impactful. This includes:

Developing Designs from Problem Definition to Production: We have a deep expertise and capacities in all the phases of the design process (research, styling, virtual modelling, engineering and prototype building). Our wide-ranging experience combined with our compact studio setting allows us to work in a highly lean and quality-oriented way, focussing on designs that lead to qualitative, innovative, and feasible outcomes.

Developing Design Strategies: in collaboration with our sister office Reframing Studio we take human-centred design thinking and translate it into strategies that connect to and work within their specific environments.

As autonomous designers and thinkers we develop design projects, lectures, and collaborations that go beyond the traditional borders of automotive design. We continuously challenge our own advanced automotive expertise with a broader cultural and social context and give shape to what the future of mobility should mean. 

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